Dental Emergency

Because a dental emergency often can’t be prevented, the best thing to do is to seek treatment as soon as possible. An emergency can mean a variety of things, from sudden and severe tooth pain to minor or moderate damage to your tooth structure. In each case, the problem will likely grow worse quickly unless you seek immediate attention from your dentist. Therefore, the first step to addressing it should be to call our office as soon as you’re able and schedule an appointment. However, depending on the nature and severity of your emergency, you may be able to help reduce discomfort and mitigate damage to your teeth by taking appropriate measures until your appointment.

Things To Do Before Your Emergency Dental Appointment

Chipped/broken tooth – If your tooth is chipped, fractured, or broken, then the level of discomfort will vary depending on the severity of the damage. To relieve the discomfort, take an over-the-counter pain reliever and place an ice pack on the injured side of your mouth. If the tooth or tissues around it are bleeding, then use clean, moist gauze to staunch it.

• Loose or partially knocked-out tooth – If your tooth has been damaged enough to loosen the periodontal tissues holding it in place, or to partially knock the tooth’s root out of its socket, then take care not to apply pressure to the tooth. Avoid eating or drinking anything, and if the tooth is painful and/or bleeding, then follow the steps above to mitigate it.

• Completely knocked-out tooth – In cases of severe accidental trauma, sufficient force can knock your tooth completely out of its socket. If that happens, collect the tooth (if possible) and rinse it carefully, holding it gently but firmly by the crown. Place the tooth in a small container of milk and bring it with you. If you seek treatment in time, we may be able to replant the tooth without having to replace it.

Schedule an Emergency Dental Visit Today

In an emergency situation, the best way to protect your oral health is to remain calm and to schedule an emergency visit as soon as possible. If you experience a dental emergency and need immediate treatment, then schedule an appointment with us by calling Westwood Family Dental today at (310) 441-8888.