Children and Oral Health

The importance of sticking to good oral hygiene practices and the skills to do so effectively are some of the earliest lessons children should learn. In addition to teaching them how to brush and floss their teeth every day, it’s also important to teach them the value in visiting their dentist regularly for routine preventative and general dental treatment. Until children become experts at using their toothbrushes and floss consistently, attending regular exam and cleaning at least twice a year is even more important.

Children Dental Treatments

Like adults, children face several different potential threats to their smiles on a daily basis. The most common are the hundreds of types of bacteria that naturally inhabit their mouths and form the basis of conditions such as tooth decay, periodontal disease, chronic bad breath, and more. Therefore, many children’s dental treatments involve boosting protection against these bacteria. For example, fluoride treatment can strengthen the enamel that surrounds your child’s teeth, making it more resilient to harmful oral bacteria. Dental sealants offer even more protection by creating a shield that stops bacteria from reaching your child’s tooth enamel. If your child is at a heightened risk of cavities, then sealants and fluoride treatment could provide a much-needed additional layer of protection.
Teaching children good hygiene practices early and helping them grow accustomed to routine dental care are the best ways to prepare them for a lifetime of healthy smiles. For more information, schedule an appointment for your child by calling Westwood Family Dental today at (310) 441-8888.