You’ve just gone to the dentist for your check up and the dentist tells you, you need a filling! You are not alone. Most people will need at least one filling in their lifetime. What exactly does that mean? A filling is a treatment for tooth damaged by decay that restores back to its normal function and shape while preventing further decay. It’s also the one of the most common procedures that takes place in the dental office.
Plaque is a major cause of cavities causing bacteria to eat away at the enamel on your teeth. If you have a toothache, it is imperative to schedule an appointment to determine the cause of your toothache. Dr. Ghahremani will thoroughly examine your teeth and take x-rays. If you do have a cavity, it will need to be filled.
When you have a cavity, our dentists will remove the decay with a special tool and then fill it with same color composite resin material. Fillings are done in layers. Once the layering has been completed, the filling will be shaped, and the excess will be trimmed off followed by a restoration polish.
There are several types of filling materials available that could be used. These include porcelain, tooth-colored or composite resin. Gold and glass ionomer are other filling materials that your dentist may choose for your filling or fillings. Our dentists will determine what type of filling is best for you based on the cavity and your specific needs.
The main advantage to composites is aesthetics as our doctors can blend different shades to match the color of your tooth. Composite fillings will bond to your tooth in order to support what is left of your natural tooth. This helps to insulate and prevent breakage.

To learn more about the benefits of restoring your cavity with a tooth-colored filling, schedule an appointment with us by calling Westwood Family Dental today at (310) 441-8888.