A dental crown is a cap placed over your tooth to restore functioning and appearance. They make the tooth stronger and improve the shape and size. The crown covers the entire visible portion of the tooth and is cemented into place.
You may need a dental crown if you have weak, broken, or cracked teeth, to hold them together and avoid any additional fracturing. Crowns are also used to:
Crowns can usually be fitted in just two office visits. As the first step, we prepare your tooth or implant for the crown.
Next, we create a digital scan or traditional impression of your tooth and gum and send it to our dental laboratory for your custom crown to be created. You’ll wear a temporary crown in the interim until it’s ready. Once it’s ready, you’ll return to the office where we will remove your temporary crown and permanently cement your new custom crown to your tooth.

Dental crowns are designed to mimic the size, shape, and function of your natural tooth. When made from lifelike dental porcelain, they can also closely resemble your tooth’s healthy

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