Westwood Family Dental understands how stained and dull teeth can do a real number on your self-esteem. Food, drinks, smoking and other issues can take a real toll on your smile, but thanks to the Power Bleaching system from Westwood Family Dental you can have a whiter brighter grin in as little as one and half hours with the state of the art, in-office Power Bleaching System.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Ghahremani and Toubian for an evaluation. Westwood Family Dental will be able to determine if you are a good candidate for bleaching, as serious discoloration from antibiotics will not be helped with teeth whitening. Our doctors may recommend veneers as crowns, fillings and bridges cannot be bleached.

Tooth bleaching is most affective if your teeth are darkened from tea, coffee, smoking or age. Brown, orange or yellow teeth respond well to bleaching.

Westwood Family Dental uses a process known as chair side bleaching. This involves a protective gel that is applied to your gums or a rubber shield that helps to protect the soft tissue in your mouth followed by a bleaching agent that is applied to your teeth. Westwood Family Dental then uses a special light that enhances the chemical action. Some people may only require one bleaching session while others will need multiple bleaching appointments.

Another option when it comes to teeth bleaching is a home system that you can take with you. When used according to the instructions you can expect a whiter brighter smile in as little as two weeks. For long-term results, sometimes our dentists recommend a combination of both programs.

Whitening your teeth with the Power Bleaching System from Westwood Family Dental is safe and could last up to five years. Don’t be afraid to smile. Schedule an appointment today for teeth whitening with Westwood Family Dental.

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