Patient Reviews

Fear and anxiety was the norm for my dental visits. My dental problems were such that over the years I kept having to frequent dentists extensively so much so that the amount of dental work I have had done in my lifetime speaks for itself. It was an emergency that brought me to Dr. Toubian’s office. This initial visit in her office has turned to eight years of total bliss and satisfaction. Under her care I have been converted to a trusting patient and her recommendations have made me turn to preventative measures to minimize further dental complications. I want to share with you that my confidence in Dr. Toubian’s work led me to agree to have dental implants. I am most thankful to have made this decision but let me assert that I would not have considered it if the work had not been performed by Dr. Toubian. She outlined each step of the way and she made sure to take my concerns into consideration. This is a major step for someone who was fearful of dental visits. Consider yourself very fortunate to be in the hands of a knowledgeable medical professional, highly meticulous and caring when you are treated by Dr. Toubian.
Ramona Garza
"I have been a patient of Dr. Toubian’s for the past ten years. She and her staff have always been very thorough and professional. I have had most of my teeth restored with veneers and they really made me look great. I get compliments on my smile quite often." Dr. Toubian has also helped me with my crowns, fillings, cleanings, and even a root canal. I have always been treated with the most courtesy and friendliness.
Gary Tolin
"Dr. Toubian has been my dentist for the last 10 years. She always goes beyond the call of duty to explain to me what needs to be done for good oral health and preventative care plus what improvements can be made through cosmetic dentistry. She always has a long term action plan and is extremely patient in answering all of my questions. The two things I like the most about Dr. Toubian are that she personally does my teeth cleaning on a scheduled basis and on more serious matters her experience and knowledge helps me understand what the procedures are and by the way they are always pain free. On the cosmetic side through the years, Dr. Toubian has formulated a plan to enhance the look of my front teeth (8) through the use of veneers. This has changed me from being ashamed to smile to getting compliments on the whiteness and uniformity of my front teeth. Last but not least is the fact that on more than one occasion, Dr. Toubian has come into the office from vacation or holidays to treat me in emergency situations which is a rarity here in Los Angeles. All these facts coupled together make me recommend Dr. Toubian as one of the most professional and competent dentists in the area."
Rick Zaino